Firefly Bikes // Shop Visit

Tyler from Firefly is one of my favorite frame builders. One of the most consistent and driven people I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. I took a job at Independent Fabrication as their in-house photographer for a little bit when I was still living in Boston. Only to find out that I was replacing only one small part of Tyler’s role at IF. Tyler had been absolutely killing it at IF, an incredibly hard worker, with an amazing eye for design and photography. Oh, and CAN HE WELD! I’m sure if anyone reading this follows cycling closely I’m sure they’ve seen Firefly’s attention to detail, their amazing photos, and the the absolute perfection in their work.

Firefly is Tyler Evans, Jamie Medeiros, and Kevin Wolfson. All incredibly smart, incredibly talented people. Jamie gave me small a shop tour as he was working on some loose ends. Jamie can be seen running the lathe, and showing me their custom anodization chart they made that shows the color spectrum they can reach. The fact that they have figured out the anodization process to this degree is absolutely insane. Not only have they mastered the color spectrum, they do it flawlessly. I was also lucky enough to be told by Tyler, “make yourself at home”, which I took as, “shoot as much as you’d like!”. Dan from Grimpeur Brother’s Coffee was in town for the Firefly Adventure Team launch, and was in house making coffee and taking photos of his loaner bike as well.

As a photographer who loves cycling, or maybe it’s a cyclist who’s also a photographer, you end up developing the eye that can really see when people know what they’re doing and are doing it confidently. Firefly is doing it. Doing it smart, doing it confidently, and absolutely raising the standard for hand built bikes.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind, absolutely beautiful hand built bike, made in America by some of the most talented people in the industry, please go check out Firefly Bicycles.