By-Expressen // Omnium Cargo

Everyone’s got their own flavor of cargo bike, what they like, what they yearn after, what they prefer to ride, the one that’s just outside of their budget that they lust for, the one they want to tow around a partner or loved ones in. It’s always interesting to see when people and companies develop their flavor, and and build relationships with brands that will support them. We especially love seeing brands and messenger companies use cargo bikes instead of cars. Well, love seeing anyone in an urban environment use a cargo bike instead of a car honestly.

Does anyone else remember the blog ‘Copenhagenize‘? Here, it was one of our favorites. Highlighting Denmark’s utilitarian approach to cycling, and a full infrastructure to support it. It was a dream come true. Not to mention all the photos of families pushing around their loved ones in and on cargo bikes/trikes. For some of us, it was our first time seeing documentation of people moving anything big by cargo, Christmas trees, couches, pieces of their lives.

When we visited By-Expressen, our new favorite Copenhagen messenger service, we lusted after their taste in cargo bikes, and the fleet of Omnium cargo bikes they had. Here’s a full gallery of one of our favorites for you to lust after.

And if you’re still curious, I suggest you head over to the By-Expressen Instagram and check out some of the stuff they haul on a daily basis.