Scene Report // Gavin Rear // Los Angeles

Gavin Rear has been a friend and fellow film photographer for a while now. Happy to call him a friend and watch his growth through both cycling and photography. His love for single speeds and track bikes definitely clicks with a special part of my brain, as I’m still just a grown up BMX kid.

Gavin had the chance to go to LA for a bit and hang out with our regular contributor Nick Gustafson, and shoot a bunch of photos while there. Here’s a bit from Gavin…

My name is Gavin, I’m a photographer, and graphic designer from Portland! Photography started for me back in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon taking photos of my friends bikes and anything cycling related. I moved to Portland in 2015 to study Graphic Design at Portland State. Being in Portland completely changed my perspective in photography. I would spend my free time from classes walking around endlessly taking street photos and capturing the architecture around Portland. Later on I discovered film photography. The rawness and simplicity of film photography felt very appropriate for capturing Portland the way I saw it.

The summer after my first year in college, me and some friends decided to embark upon a road trip to California for the 2016 West Side Invite. On our way there, we stopped in Los Angeles to visit a long time Instagram friend who showed us around LA. This was my first time visiting California and I was immediately captured by how vibrant and diverse LA is. Being from a small town and actually seeing the city in person blew me away.

Since that trip, I have made it an effort to visit LA as much as possible and be able to photograph what I feel LA is about. This photo series is a mixture of film and digital photos spanning from March to December of 2017. Los Angeles has a special place in my heart. The people, the landscape, are what keep me coming back over and over again.

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