NAHBS // Concinnity

Concinnity Cycles is Luke Devine(what a fancy name, huh?) based in Billerica, MA. This bike is extra special to me, as it was built for one of my favorite friends, John Tomai who still lives in the Boston area, and don’t get to see as often as I’d like. John is actually a full timer over at Seven Cycles, and took his knowledge to machine everything needed for this build, Luke welded it, and then Jordan over at Hot Tubes Paint absolutely KILLED the paint on it.

My friend John told me a bit about this build:

“I wanted to make a Grant Petersen / Bridgestone style sub 24hr touring Bike. (Contributing to my life long Bridgestone obsession). Something fun and light to have to escape the city for a day or two but not compromise on building a full heavy touring rig. I wanted it as an escape pod to jettison out of Boston and into the woods. Great clearance for 32 knobby’s so I can grind lots of gravel and not have to compromise on having a nice neo-retro build and have disks”

You better check out Concinnity Cycles and Hot Tubes Paint after drooling at these photos.