Potato // Lemonade

While on a 10 day work trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, with a limited amount of allocatable time, and not being able to bring a bike with me on my flight, my friend/coworker Nate and I decided to make some lemonade during a half day we had free.

Having barely worked out since getting here and going straight into work mode, then readjusting my sleep schedule immediately, the condition didn’t lend themselves too much to getting out and ripping as much as I’d like to.

With a little bit of research, and a bit of gusto, I had a trip in mind. Taking one of Bald Mountain’s longest downhill trails, and climbing it backwards to a little over 9,000 feet just to roast it backwards.

We woke up early, and rented some hard tail Kona’s from one of the local shops, swapped pedals, adjusted the shifting(also straightened derailleur hangers), and threw them in the back of the rental car and headed towards the mountain’s fire roads to lead us up.

Being from New York, we totally forgot how much elevation changes like this would affect us, having to stop every now and then to let the light-headedness fade. You can see the road we came up to the trail head from some of these photos actually. Finally getting to the top and feeling crazy, we took 10, and roasted down as fast as possible.