Perspectives // Spencer Brown

Oh man! Spencer Brown has been taking some of our favorite photos lately! With a bunch of analog shots, double exposures, super grainy washed out expired film with light leaks and some push and pull love, there is absolutely nothing to not love about what he’s been up to in Austin, Texas. Originally from Southern California, you can really feel the chill vibes and the respectful, appreciative demeanor.

Super stoked to be sharing a gallery of double exposures and absolutely beautifully grainy shots in his first ever ‘Perspectives’ series… Beyond stoked to share more of his work soon, and check him out on the gram!!

Here are a few words from Spencer

Hey y’all, happy to show off a handful of my 35mm shots to everyone. NLLTL and JP have been a big inspiration for me the past few years, along with others like John Prolly with “The Radavist” and Kyle Kelley with “Trackosaurus Rex“, to name a few. I grabbed my first 35mm camera back in 2012, which happened to be my mom’s old Olympus Stylus point and shoot. It was a time when I was still very new to cycling, as well as to iPhones and Instagram. I carried that camera with me almost every day until it became a habit to never leave home without it. I guess it took me a while to get the knack for shooting film, but after a while I was definitely hooked. So naturally, experimenting with other vintage cameras, expired film, and the double exposures came next. Years later, shooting with film is still such a blast, from trips to Montana every summer, New Zealand, and all over Texas and its roads and trails. And then to slowly finding my place in the Austin cycling community, and shortly after finding this city to be my home, as well as a spot on Beat the Clock cycling club. For me, shooting film is just a beautiful experience because it helps me to find some joy and bliss in mundane everyday life and otherwise boring bike rides. Hope y’all enjoy!