NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 22 // Jon Woodroof

Jon Woodroof has been a long distance friend, and fellow ‘bird of a feather’ for a very long time now. Since I first started visiting his Atlanta bike shop, ‘No Brakes’, about 10 years ago on trips to Atlanta to visit my dad and his family. Despite eventually evolving above and beyond the limits of the Atlanta cycling scene, and the bike shop ownership world, Jon and his wife have become some of my life inspirations for moving abroad and continuing to evolve in the world through love and appreciation for the world around them. If you’ve been following Jon for a while through social channels, you’ve seen his life evolve, you’ve seen his amazing kids grow up on and around two wheels, in the front of his cargo bike, and him and his family truly living the dream in Amsterdam.

If you haven’t been following him along with his business ‘TwoTone‘, you really have to!!!

Jon’s life and drive has been at the tip of my brain for years now, as a true inspiration. As someone I appreciate and respect deeply, it’s been an absolute honor to grow along side Jon, with such similar parallels, even though we’re literally a world apart.

There’s no better feeling than truly finding your people. If it wasn’t for cycling, and now the internet, it’s sad to think that I’d never have met friends like Jon and so many other amazing people that I’m lucky enough to call my tribe. My people.

Here’s Jon’s first disposable camera series on No Life!!

misfire but good start to the roll


My main man #Ottogram learning life lesson: #holdyourlineyoullbefine on the trails of Twiske north of Amsterdam.


Das Verrueckte Haus in Bispingen Germany


I used Komoot to find some amazing roads near Erlangen, Germany


My 611 Bicycle Co has joined me on rides around the world. This morning? Finding #upness east of Erlangen.


Riding with Wahoo Fitness in Flanders! Pictured on the right is Dieter Jacobs, manager of the BMC Concept Store in Nazareth, Belgium. We demo’d the Elemnt to press and customers that day at his shop.


Lunch at Komoot HQ in Potsdam. Komoot was a client for 9 months and we managed to enable some awesome cooperations for them with Wahoo Fitness, BMC, Podia, Soigneur Magazine, Meesterknecht and Vulpine.


The Glienicke Bridge is a bridge across the Havel River in Germany, connecting the Wannsee district of Berlin with the Brandenburg capital Potsdam. It is named after nearby Glienicke Palace. It, however, is known was one of the most renowned monuments of the Cold War up to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was a point of exchange for secret agents of both political systems who had been taken prisoner. Read more about Berlin’s real Bridge of Spies.


Caro caught in action!


In line for Mustafa’s during the Berlin Bike Show with Olaf & Caro. Bonus points for snap of No Life 35m camera with No Life 35m camera!


We skipped a day of the Berliner Fahrradschau to get outside of the city with Ilya from Need some reasons to visit the show next year? Here’s my top 10 from 2016.


Sprinting towards Willy Brandt Airport. This airport is years overdue and overbudget. Bonus? #roadslikethese with no cars!


Rolling back into Berlin. Want to know the best routes around the city? Check out


✌🏻️  from Stefano of in Berlin


Did you know Didi Senft has a bike museum outside of Berlin? Me either but we rode past it!


Rolling back into town with Jeroen from Soigneur Magazine leading it out.




I took my No Life Like This Life Camera all the way to Hyderabad, India. I kitted out to ride into the city and accidentally snapped this of my hotel room wall.

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