Perspectives // Michelle Willcox

Our latest perspective’s submission comes from one of our newest  west coast photo crushes!!


Michelle Willcox is rad, and has some of the funnest looking adventures out of San Francisco. Not only that, but she’s also seemingly always armed with a film camera on outings. What more could you ask for? It’s all No Life is about, getting out there, having fun, and taking photos along the way. Oh, and her Low cross bike is sick.

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Here’s some words from Michelle about this recent roll…

The majority of my most recent roll took place in one weekend. It was significant because I spent almost the entirety of it across the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Headlands riding. I feel like a spoiled tourist when I say that, but I couldn’t be happier when I get to spend extended periods over there. In typical bay area microclimate-fashion, I rode out from the city in the blazing heat, and by the time I made it to the top of Mount Tam I was deep in the cold, foggy, rolling hills.  A few shots were from a dirt alley cat that my team, TCB//LOW organized. I am so in love with the bandit/underground cyclocross scene that we have here in the Bay Area. Those races keep the sport fun, and the community is incredibly welcoming and supportive to boot. I guess if there’s one thing anyone can take away from this- it’s to have a lil fun, and to get out and appreciate your surroundings.