Silk Road Trails Trip // Rick Jones Shop Visit

This last Friday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Brendon, the owner of Silk Road Cycles.┬áBrendon, Calvin and I left Brooklyn and went out on a day long mission of awesomeness. We left Silk Road in the morning to go brap at the most amazing trails on Long Island, Rocky Point. Totally jammable on cross bikes. I have the problem of getting there and acting like a dog off it’s leash and just go go go until I either shoulder check a tree too hard or cramp up.

We spent about 2 hours ripping through Rocky Point, at an average speed of 9.2mph, which really didn’t feel that fast! Hope y’all don’t mind, but the trails photos are all iPhone 5S photos!

We hopped in the car and head over to Rick Jones’ bike shop, Road Runners Bicycles, which has been run by the same family, in the same location for 50 years. Such a perfect little bike shop for the little town of Glen Cove, NY. Brendon was finally picking up his custom 1×11 designed Jones. This thing is beautiful. If you want to see it fully built up, go head over to the Silk Road Cycles Instagram, and give them a follow while you’re at it! Silk Road is one of the raddest bike shops in Brooklyn, and Brendon is a lucky man, and also now the owner of a rad as hell cross bike with gears on it!

Our ride back home during sunset over the city was absolutely magical.