NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 20 // Seungho Shin

Our good friend Hacheon Park recently opened up a really rad bike shop in Seoul, South Korea called “Bike Makes Me Happy“(click the link and check out the shop!!). Hacheon has been a supporter since day one of No Life and our mission to promote photography and living well  within the cycling community and beyond. He picked up a bunch of No Life disposable camera’s for his shop, and we already have our first contribution in the ongoing disposable project all the way from South Korea!! It’s been an honor watching this project grow, take shape, and help people save their memories on film. Here’s some info from Hacheon about Incheon, and Seungho’s life there:

“He lives in Incheon which is a port city. He enjoys taking pictures with CX bike around where he lives. It is a big city with tall and fancy building, but at the same time, there are dirty and unpaved road.”

And some words from Seungho:

When: 7, July, 2016
Where: Song-do, Incheon, outside of Seoul, South Korea

I would like to take a picture while riding. At this time, I carried an analog camera, NLLTL.
I usually ride fixed gear bike in city, but I rode my cyclocross these days. Not many people in Korea enjoy CX bikes because it is hard to find good place for CX in city. My hometown, Incheon, is a port city, so it is good to ride CX bike. There is a marsh park with gravel, unpaved road and a small nature trail in the city. There is something differences from Seoul. You can enjoy urban cross in Incheon.
I would like to share my port city, Incheon.
Sea, seagull and ship are around you.