NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 19 // Kyle Emery-Peck

Despite only meeting Kyle once in passing, I feel like we’ve cultivated a mutual respect for each other through the help of social media, flickr, tumblr, and all of our parallel creative endeavors. For two grown men who came up through BMX, who love turning any adult bike into a BMX bike, and both live to shoot photos and even work in the photo industry, our lives are too similar to not be good homies. It’s with great honor that I present Kyle’s first(hopefully of many!!) NLLTL disposable camera gallery.

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Here’s some words from Kyle below:

During the time that I had the disposable camera I went on a couple rides.  One was up on San Bruno Mountain riding the illegal trails on the ridge.  Super fun fire road up top when theres no wind.  There are natural table tops scattered throughout, and steep, fast descents that go right into a steep, quick climbs.

The other bike ride I went on was actually to shoot this natural quarterpipe at the end of a trail that we’ve been riding.  My friend Danny is an absolute monster on his mountain bike.  So one day I asked him if he was down to shoot a photo on it.  So rather than riding up to the spot, we drove with all my camera gear and a shovel to shoot.  Danny carved out the hill with his shovel since we’e been getting so much rain.  I shot the photo on my trusty Hasselblad with my Einstein strobe.  You can see it on my website Full Frame Collective.  

Since we’ve had such a rainy season here in SF, a couple close friends of mine have been digging some BMX trails.  We’ve been working hard to get to a point where we can ride before the dirt hardens and we can longer dig into the ground.  Here’s the dudes taking a break. 

These other images are from a location shoot I was on up in Petaluma.  Im a freelance photo assistant, and I usually bring a point and shoot with me when I work.  There’s always something that will catch my eye.  The location was at an olive oil ranch.  There were all sorts of crazy, exotic plants, and trees growing all over the property.  

The last photo is of my GF Valerie, on a relaxing walk through Big Trees at Jaquin Miller Park in the East Bay.  While we were walking, we ran into our friends riding CX bikes.  Pretty random, but I guess thats a really sweet place to ride on a Saturday afternoon.  

kyle emery-peck