NLLTL Adventure Cam Vol. 13 // Nobuhiko Tanabe

So incredibly stoked when some of the fine gentlemen at Blue Lug ordered some Adventure Cam’s when we first offered them to the public. Feelings support from the international community was rad, and I can’t thank Blue Lug enough for the love. Nobuhiko has been shooting on a couple of our camera’s for a little while now and we’re so excited to share his first gallery here on the site! Ironically, this camera was from our first batch of Fuji Film camera’s. Shooting Mount Fuji on Fuji film is kind of funny, but I’m sure I’m not the first to point it out! It’s really interesting how the more the Adventure Cam project grows, the more I’m still figuring it out with the help of the people joining in. It’s such an interesting phenomenon to see how film development and the variables of the disposable camera can change all over the world and in all different climates. From the sweat induced chemical burns on some negatives, to the shoddy development and scanning on others, every camera and experience is truly unique. I’m so excited that this project keeps growing. Get out there and take some photos!!

Here’s what Nobuhiko had to say:

Mount Fuji (Fujisan) is one of the most sacred and important places for the Japanese people. On a clear day Fujisan can be seen from the bustling streets of Tokyo, and although we are reminded of its presence, it is easy to forget what it is like to be close to the mountain. We sometimes go camping and ride mountain bikes on the trail surrounding the mountain. On our last trip to Fujisan we left Tokyo in the early morning and arrived at the base of the mountain several hours later. It was a clear and sunny day, which made for a wonderful ride. The greatest part of the ride occurs when the trail turns a corner and for the first time Fujisan appears. During our ride we came upon a waterfall, which provided an excellent opportunity to jump in and cool off. After riding all day we made camp and settled down for a few beers, good food and enjoyed the opportunity to share the moment with friends. Although we all enjoy the ride, it is well agreed that the beers and camaraderie we share is the best part of the camp ride. On the second day of our ride we set out early, then took advantage of a natural hot spring before heading back to Tokyo. Although it was a short trip, the outing proved to be a great adventure. Mount Fuji is by far one of the best locations for trail riding in Japan.