Andrew Low // Low Bicycles

I first had the honor of getting to know Andrew Low through a series of emails a few years ago when I first moved to New York and wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay here. I was toying with the idea of moving to SF(still thinking about it daily), and had heard through the grapevine that Andrew was finally looking for someone to help him out with all the daily tasks at Low. I emailed him incessantly while trying to figure out the details how to make my plan of moving to San Francisco and helping out one of the raddest frame builders happen. It wasn’t meant to be at the time, and we both went on to keep on pushing on our own paths.

I was recently in San Francisco and was so incredibly lucky to get to talk to Andrew, and even shoot some photos of him working. About 3 months ago, Andrew was hit and run by a very aggressive driver on The Wiggle. Andrew’s wrist was severely broken and he was put out of work for a couple months. I’ve been put off my bike before from injuries, but this was entirely different. I can’t even imagine not being able to go to work when your work is your passion and your livelihood. Andrew has been a staple of the San Francisco cycling community for a long time, and he’s finally able to work with his hands again. It’s great to see a community that really truly cares for their own, and I’m so stoked that Andrew and Low Bicycles have such an amazing reputation for quality that he can slowly get right back into the swing of things and pick up where he left off.

Also, that steel frame I shot by my feet was the first frame Andrew had ever built, and I was so incredibly stoked to hold it in my hands.

Andrew is an absolutely amazing guy, and the level of quality, attention, and detail he puts into every single one of his handmade frames is mind blowing. If you’re looking for a beautiful, quality, custom frame, handmade in San Francisco, I highly suggest you get on the list and pre-order a Low.

Low has some rad plans for the future as well, so I highly suggest you stay tuned!!!

Website here, and follow along on instagram here.