Bryan Banducci

My good friend, roommate, and work partner(whenever I can give him work), Bryan Banducci is a rad photographer. Bryan, lately either putting in miles in this thawing New York spring, racing road bikes, kicking around on a skateboard, working on projects with ICNY, or working in Emiliano Granado‘s studio as his studio assistant.

Bryan recently moved out to NYC from San Francisco, and brought his California vibes with him, as well as a decent body of work that he’s been sitting on for a while. I’m stoked to start showing some of his work here on the site. I feel like we’ve been talking about this site and the No Life project for so long that he totally gets it, and you can see through his first, all film collection here. I really feel like Bryan’s photos are a great example of what this site is intended to be, a platform for gorgeous imagery in that grey area of all our rad intersts. Go give Bryan a follow on his Tumblr. While you’re at it, go give us a follow on the No Life Tumblr¬†and Instagram!