Andy Bokanev // Cascade Cycling Classic

We here at No Life really don’t follow too much race photography unless it’s clever, and well, downright great photography.


Andy Bokanev has an eye for shooting, an eye for editing, and an eye for post production. He puts himself in the middle of some of the best races, and some of the raddest events, and really gets in there for the shots. If you’re not already following him on Instagram or Twitter, you definitely should. Andy’s website is on point as well!

Andy recently shot the Cascade Cycling Classic, and hot damn he shot some amazing stuff, hope y’all don’t mind a longer post. Here’s what Andy had to say:

When you mention Oregon, many people imagine lush green landscapes, towering waterfalls and monochrome beaches. But when you head east and leave all of that behind on the other side of the Cascades you find yourself in a high desert dotted by dormant volcanoes, a palette that’s more yellow than green and air that is dry away from the influence of the Pacific Ocean. 

That set the scene for hundreds of riders and team support staff descending on the resort town of Bend last week for the Cascade Cycling Classic. Over six days the riders covered around 340 miles and climbed over 20000 feet while enduring 90+ temperatures and iffy air quality affected by nearby forest fires.
I spent the week with the Hagens Berman U23 Development team and witnessed the challenge first hand.”