D’Emploi Brooklyn // Shop Visit

Since starting No Life, I’ve been a huge fan of locally made goods. Not only locally made goods, but people in my peer group that are doing the right thing, working from a positive place, and setting examples of how to live and how to work respectively in a community. Balancing what they love with a good sense of design. With an idea of how what they’re creating will integrate itself into a community, and the direction of what they’re doing is pushing in a positive direction for everyone involved. It’s these designers, these people in my peer group that I love to support. The people that are selflessly part of a bigger picture. A bigger picture they’re creating with their bare hands.


I’ve been talking making caps for No Life with Kyle of D’Emploi Brooklyn for a little while now, and we have some ideas rolling around. Also working on some more ideas for locally made goods from the great folks over at Knickerbocker Mfg, the communal work space that Kyle/D’Emploi is based out of.

We’re super excited to be making some more products right here in Brooklyn, and are excited to evolve our relationship with our peers all over the world.

These photos are from my time touring Knickerbocker Mfg, talking with Kyle, and looking at the D’Emploi workspace and a selection of their amazing bags!!


Please go check out D’Emploi and Knickerbocker Mfg!!