Roads Like These: Vol. 7 // Kyle Thornhill

Kyle Thornhill is one of those guys that you just know is a good dude. Such a positive internet presence, and is living one of the most beautiful lives that the rest of  us are lucky enough to get glimpses of on social media and be totally envious of. I could not be more stoked to have Kyle on the radar here at No Life. We’re still growing, and with the help and support of quality people like Kyle in our social circles, it’s safe to say we’re going the right direction. Follow along with Kyle’s beautiful life on his instagram.

When I was 14-years old, I was given my first my first BMX bike for my birthday. My parents told me the world was at my disposal and let me ride wherever the road would take me. I never realized how far it would actually take me. The adventure became bigger than the ride and I realized that there is no better way to see the Earth than by bicycle. Eighteen years later, I still feel like that 14-year-old teenager with the same sense of adventure. My bike has taken me to Japan, National Parks, the Atlantic Ocean, and through the entire state of California. The best routes are the ones not yet ridden, and when I get on my bike today, it becomes a hunt for new roads and new mountains to climb. The first time I ride a new road I’m keeping the adventure alive. There are endless opportunities when it comes to finding new places to ride and explore, and being the motor that powers the machine, I go as far as my legs are willing to me. These pictures are from the summer of 2014 and my travels through northern California. The conversations, climbs, and stories are something I will remember or the rest of my life.