Photo Recap // Red Hook Crit // Izzy Cohan

Izzy Cohan spent the majority the majority of the last Redhook Crit¬†outside in the rain with me. Redhook #7 was a wet one, and I spent my time stretched between shooting 4×5″ film photos of the first ever Redhook Women’s field(see here), updating the Bicycling Magazine instagram account, and shooting video on a DSLR for the Redhook Crit 7 film(see here).

Izzy is kind of a shit, a sarcastic dude from New York. And that’s why I like him. You can see it in his photos, and you can feel his energy. He shot a bunch of film during Redhook 7, and over the next few days, we’ll be sharing a coupe photo stories from then that were first seen through the lovely Chalet Magazine.

Check out Izzy’s Instagram and Website.