Perspectives // Ryan Filson 3

Can’t believe how long I’ve been friends with Ryan Filson!! It’s been such a great pleasure to know him for so long, and to feel us growing with such parallel lives, and to be able to stand by his side as a friend as he grows over the years. He’s seen me go through hell and back and has always had my back along the road of a 10+ year friendship. So much love for Ryan. You can find him here on instagram.

Here’s some words from Ryan…

I’m no good with the wordsy end of these things so I’ll keep it short.
I’m stoked to make an appearance on the site after a long hiatus, sometimes we let life get in the way and creative projects definitely took a back seat for a bit. After ruining a lot of film with a broken T2 and mistakenly wiping an SD card with a few months’ worth of images on it, I did my best to put together a few of my favorite photos from the last year-ish .
As always, thanks JP for the 12+ (!) years of friendship and encouragement, and to all of the folks who have positively impacted my life as of late – you know who you are.

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