Leading up to David August Trimble’s NEVERSINK invitational this year, we’re doing a history and photo retrospective on the race since it’s start in 2011.

NLLTL will be there for this year’s race, as well as doing an adventure cam gallery of David’s day during the race.

“The inaugural Neversink Invitational was held with periods of heavy rain, dense fog and little organization. The course was ill marked and there was little support on the road. The race ran right through the middle of the Ashokan Reservoir which resulted in beautiful views but a few wrong turns. In the end William Doyle Capitman won ahead of Al Barouh and John Kniesly on the stupidly steep Glade Hill Rd (it has been removed for being too hard). Dan Chabanov and his Mengoni teammate were expected to dominate but an ill timed flat and subsequent attack by Barouh and Capitman ended their chances.”

Words by David Trimble

Photos by David Trimble and Johnny Hsu