Caroline Pauleau // Matthieu Mathon: Les Pyrénées // LoneWolves

Our friend Caroline Pauleau of Don’t Do left with the RocknRolln Cycling team out of Paris to document some epic rides in Les Pyrénées.
Here’s an amazing write up by Matthieu Mathon about their ride:
This summer, the Rock’n’Rollin Cycling Team heard the call of the mountain. 9 lonely souls from Paris, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires spent a 4 days week end from Pau to ride the colossal landscape and the legendary passes of Les Pyrénées. Under the heat and the sun, they started to roam in the number of 6 beasts on the wild roads of le Col de Spandelle, le Col de Lingous and le Col d’Aspin (California?!!), the leaders of the pack made it to Saint Lary. In Saint Lary was a den where they stayed 3 nights. In the early morning, 3 hungry messengers joined the pack in the den, The Lone Wolves was finally here ready for the hunt to the Col de la Hourquette d’Ancizan and chase the wind to the famous Col du Tourmalet, From Saint Lary you could hear the howling wolves bombing to the road for the dinner. The day 3 was a way more chill for the wolves, an easy ride under the flight of the eagles to le Col d’Azet, and, for some of them, another ride on the beautiful laces through the fog to le Lac d’Oredon and le Lac d’Aumar. Their last moon in the den was followed a beautiful morning sun. The roam to le Col d’Aspin and le Col de Lingous led them on the holy way to Lourdes. From there, it was the last hunt to Pau for the Lone Wolves in Les Pyrénées… Their souvenirs are packed by Salem in the backup car, inked on their skin by Rudy, photographed by Caro Paulette and filmed by Julien Rideau. Keep on howling, keep on rolling.
Matthieu – @bigtakeover