Cait Dooley’s Firefly Adventure Team Bike

Cait Dooley is one of our favorite people ever. No question about it. Today is actually the one year mark of her being cancer free. That’s right, this amazing girl is a cancer survivor! She’s currently is living the #adultlife dream in Boston and working for Vittoria Tires‘ North America headquarters, is good homies with the friends at Geekhouse Bikes, and is one of the select few on the new Firefly Adventure Team (I actually have some shots up on the Adventure Team blog). Fun fact: the persona ‘Kat Daley’ is an internet joke about no one ever getting her name right.

Go read about the team bikes here, and drool over those Enve, Chris King, Vittoria, and SRAM builds!


Cait Dooley is a life inspiration for us here at NLLTL, and a homie for life. Keep being amazing Cait!!